EPISODE 2: Baby’s First Moments with Tammin Sursok

Moms with Strollers uncovers the universal experience of parenthood. In this episode, we’re focusing on baby’s firsts with Tammin and Brittny. 
A baby’s first words and first steps are learning experiences for both the child and the parents. Follow Moms Tammin and Brittny through the series and discover the intimate, vulnerable, and humorous moments that every parent can identify with. 

EPISODE 1: The Social Network with Melissa Rycroft

Melissa Rycroft shares how her social life has changed since baby in Moms with Strollers, brought to you by JOHNSON’S®. She admits that although her phone is off by 8 o’clock, she talks about how it’s important to remember that you can still be your old self and enjoy the things you used to! 


EPISODE 4: Melissa Rycroft on Sleepless Nights

Melissa Rycroft discusses sleepless nights on Moms with Strollers, brought to you by JOHNSON'S® Baby. She reveals what moms do when a baby just won’t sleep through the night. From calling the in-laws for back up, to turning on the vacuum cleaner for some soothing noise, moms try just about anything to help their babies sleep.

EPISODE 3: Baby Advice Overload with Tammin Sursok

In this episode of Moms with Strollers, Tammin and Courtney discuss how to tell right and wrong when dealing with all the baby advice out there. 


EPISODE 5: Judy from ItsJudyTime on The Juggle

Judy Travis from YouTube.com/ItsJudyTime talks about how juggling multiple roles as a mom can have its ups and downs in Moms with Strollers, brought to you by JOHNSON’S®.