We believe that there is a better way to make films. 

Because studios increasingly seek tent poles, smaller, more unique and independent-minded films have been squeezed out. Audiences have changed, distribution has evolved, new stars have emerged. We now believe there is an opportunity to produce different kinds of films.

Beginning with this film incubator, in partnership with actor/producer Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games, The Kids Are All Right) and Michelle Hutcherson, and powered by The Black List, we have committed to funding up to five premium, commercial films, driven by unique voices.

Our goal is to find independently created content that can thrive on digital/emerging platforms.

Using the search capabilities of The Black List, we called on writers to submit their generation - defining screenplays featuring core characters in their late teens to late twenties. In all, we evaluated approximately 2,250 featured scripts during the submission period. Working closely with Michelle and Josh Hutcherson, we have now selected the final five filmmakers.

We have partnered with Condé Nast Entertainment's The Scene to distribute The Big Script Incubator. The short films will air on The Scene at a date to be announced in the near future.


Credit: Stephanie Mercado


Travis Wilker must face the troubles of his past in order to move forward with his future.

Written by: Jon Johnstone

Directed by: Josh Hutcherson

Credit: Stephanie Mercado


Pax signs up for a charity race with his quadriplegic brother so he can pay off a drug debt, but he soon realizes that he can't outrun his past.

Written/Directed by: Brad Martocello

Credit: Stephanie Mercado


Nate's simple summer job mowing the lawn of a neighbor woman leads to a life-changing encounter.

Written/Directed by: Jamie Mayer

Credit: Stephanie Mercado


A high school whodunnit about a stoner teacher and the school troublemaker as they discover what it means to be honorable.

Written/Directed by: Scott Simonsen

Credit: Stephanie Mercado


As Earth falls apart, young-and-in-love Miriam is given an opportunity that can change her future.

Written/Directed by: Djochoua Belovarski


For each selected screenplay, we will provide the writers with financing to produce a short film based on their chosen script, with the potential to fund and produce the feature-length version of the screenplay.

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